Yuriy Marmeladov – ДІТИ СТОЛИЦІ / Children of the Capital

Open: 21.01.2023 – 11.02.2023

Mittwochs bis Freitags: 14-19 Uhr, Samstags 14-18 Uhr

Yuriy Marmeladov – ДІТИ СТОЛИЦІ, Children of the Capital

This exhibition contains a set of photos taken by a young Ukrainian urbex photographer Yuriy Marmeladov.

All of the pieces were created between 2016 and 2022 and are the documentation of Kyiv’s urban subculture from the author’s personal perspective.

His photographic interests are related to rooftops, bridges, metro, trains, abandoned places, and graffiti.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Kyiv’s urban exploration community got almost completely silent, so this exhibition is a way to freeze those peaceful moments that they, as children of the capital, have been having.

More Info instagram @oxymoron_galerie

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