06.Mai–28.Mai 2016

NDZW polish illustrator and street artist, child of the 80’s born and raised in the city. Shaped by the rough esthetics of the eastern block architecture and socialist-era cartoons and comic books („Tytus, Romek and A’Tomek”, „Captain Wildcat” – that one sounds incredibly cheesy in English;), he later became exposed and gradually attracted to all kinds of manifestations of the more low brow and crude side of western culture – b class movies, tattoos, hardcore punk music posters and cover art and all other kinds of pulp imagery.

Mixing all of the above with his own unconventional approach to reality, he has spent most of his life exploring different kinds of visual expression – drawing comics, making designs for several bands, concert promoters and streetwear brands, tattooing, and for the last two years – painting the urban landscape.

His style is diverse and combines huge attention to detail, lots of precise line and dotwork and strong, contrasting color schemes.



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