Video Oner and Sckre are an artist duo, who form a powerful and inspiring partnership.
They both joined forces and constantly collaborate together on several art projects and comissions. Their artistic approach is dialogical when it comes to public space and also among themselves. Their creative art process tells always a story, mostly influenced by their surroundings during travelling and visiting different places in the world. Video Oner focuses mostly on the characters of animals and humans, while Sckre connects them with his ornamental, abstract landscapes, shapes and forms. Together the both artists often experiment with different formats, materials and techniques. The public space becomes their atelier and field of experimentation where they constantly develop their narrative art. A central theme are the different forms of nature and creation.


Sckre (born 1988 in Ludwigsburg, Germany) studied scenic painting and is currently working at the Kammerspiele theatre in Munich.
Video Oner (born 1990 in Linz, Austria) studied Art History and Philosophy at the University of Vienna, as well as sculpture at the Art University of Linz.

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